In the dynamic realm of the real estate industry, digital product delivery is making waves and our global clients are harnessing the power of Agile methodologies to drive seamless product deliveries.

With an emphasis on roles such as Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, and Coaches, digital transformation has long since made its way into board level discussions. WSS, with its experience and insights into the latest methodologies like Agile, ensures that our network is enriched with professionals who can lead and facilitate this digital transformation.


Specialist Roles:

  • Product: Specialist / Owner / Manager
  • Agile: Release Train Engineer / Coach / Scrum Master


Specialist Areas:

  • Software Development Methodologies: Agile / Kanban / Scrum / DevOps
  • Business Intelligence: PowerBI / ETL / Excel
  • Cloud: Azure / AWS
  • Mobile: iOS / Android